Exciting Exclusive at Canyon Gourmet

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A recent visit with old friends in St Remy de Provence has presented an extraordinary opportunity. Thierry Boué and Marcia Kilgore own a classically elegant chateaux, (of the type one dreams about really), in this arid region of southern France. The climate and topography are not wildly different from ours here in southern California.

They have dedicated 3 hectares, a little less than ten acres, to olive production. In total there’s about 550 trees, with about fifty of those pre-dating the destructive frosts of 1956. The resulting product, a tiny production, artisanal, cold-pressed virgin olive oil is being shipped to us here in Topanga, and available nowhere else in the US.

The oil is a blend of equal parts of three types of olives from the AOC Vallée des Baux:

Grossane: a cultivar grown primarily in the Vallée des Baux regions of southern France. Though it can be used to produce oil, it is primarily used as a black table olive. The oil is said to have a delicate flavor with a citrus aroma and slight fruitiness.

Aglandau: Grown primarily in Provence these are primarily used for production of oil, but can also be eaten. The oil is highly valued for its fruity taste, with aromas of almond, green apple and artichoke.

Salonenque: Used in several officially approved appellations, such as AOC Vallée des Baux and AOC Pays d’Aix.The taste of the oil is sweet and delicate

This exclusive blend from Mas de la Gardy, has a complex yet delicate flavor, perfect for finishing your most precious preparations, steamed fish, fresh greens, vegetables, raviolis and more.

We are so excited and looking forward to the arrival of the first shipment.

Found exclusively at Canyon Gourmet.