Canyon Gourmet is a Canyon

My step brother and I came together a bit reluctantly over 30 years ago when his father married my mother. When Henry Miller married Ursula Kagan the family got weird. He had a son named Peter….So did my mother. Peter Miller and I (Peter Kagan), got married too.  My name was modified to make distinction clear, my family and very close friends call me Peter Mike.

Henry Miller had a beautiful shop, a haberdashery that we all worked in, some of us, a lot…me. Many great lessons were taken away from the experience. Peter Miller took his to Seattle where he has created a very successful business, Peter Miller Books. Architecture , design…gorgeously curated stuff…

A couple of weeks ago he and his talented wife Colleen , and architect, came to visit  Topanga. one of the original foodies, a fantastic chef, Miller was super excited about the store. He woke up one morning and proclaimed,” Canyon Gourmet must be a Canyon.” OK….” You gonna need to relax into this” he assured me…Sounded like what a gets said to to a new cell mate In prison…He proceeded to totally rearrange the store with Colleen doing a plan to guide us….looks fantastic. Open. Everyone who walks in says LOVE what you’ve done to the place…..Credit to Danielle for her unflinching pursuit of simplicity…. come visit soon..


Fresh Market Update/ Why drive down the hill?

As part of our mission to provide both the essential and the luxurious, today we present produce from the Farmer’s Market: Huge, gorgeous heads of organic romaine lettuce, tender baby artichokes both purple and green, baby brussels sprouts, fresh shiitakes, sweet, hand selected heirloom tomatoes. All in stock. Salads coming…Pot Pies, Fresh Bread and Moon Juice also today!