Fresh Market Update/ Why drive down the hill?

As part of our mission to provide both the essential and the luxurious, today we present produce from the Farmer’s Market: Huge, gorgeous heads of organic romaine lettuce, tender baby artichokes both purple and green, baby brussels sprouts, fresh shiitakes, sweet, hand selected heirloom tomatoes. All in stock. Salads coming…Pot Pies, Fresh Bread and Moon Juice also today!

Pot Pie (To Die For)

We now carry a significant new dinner option. Pot Pies from Suzanne Goin, who runs four restaurants in LA., A.O.C., Lucques, Tavern, and The Hungry Cat. Lots of awards have come her way, including James Beard Award for Best Chef in California in 2006…Yeah…Her pot pies….

So needless to say not a run-of-the-mill supermarket stuff here. They are big, about 2.3 lbs. Inside: crispy green beans, creamer potatoes, a variety of mushrooms, sumptuous gravy with either Chicken, Brisket or Mushroom. The pastry is what you’d expect from this caliber of cuisine, buttery, flaky, golden brown from frozen in about an hour. Insane.

A significant meal for 2, three easily with a salad or another side. While $25.99 may seem like a lot for a pie, it’s $13 dinner per person for 2, $8.60 for 3. Not outrageous for HIGH CUISINE.

We have a dozen in the freezer now.

Our First Month

If you’ve come into Canyon Gourmet since we’ve re-opened, Thank you.
We’ve gotten a lot of joy and useful experience from the first month being open. I personally love, LOVE the interaction with people who come in. There is something about the specialness of Topanga that is magnified inside our store, the parents with their kids, people that come in all the time, knowing them as individuals, and what they like. In that sense it is perfect.
As one might imagine making our little place run efficiently in Topanga has it’s own unique challenges.
Gauging precisely what the market can bear here has taken us awhile to dial in.
We are increasing inventory regularly now, and bringing in new stuff each week, including new extraordinary foods as well as unique vintage and handmade gift items match the uncompromising aesthetic we’re interested in, proud of
We want this place to be better than just a little store in Topanga, we want it to be unique in all of LA. The most thoughtfully curated venue it can possibly be, while still being essential, useful for daily lives.
We are fine tuning our Twitter and Facebook integration with this website to get a spontaneous CG market report out there so people can be aware of what we have. Fresh news for fresh products make sense.

What we’re trying to do is not just about food. It not just for our mouths or stomachs or even our eyes…
And…It’s bigger than rote business, there is meaning to what we endeavor to accomplish every day for ourselves and the people who walk through the door. Natalie, Arielle Danielle and I all share that view. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.